The 7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Visiting Cuba

I would consider my trip to Cuba incredibly spontaneous – others may call it impulsive or extremely last minute. Tomato, tomaato.

It all started on a miserably cold day at the end of January..

On any given day I have about 10-15 price alerts in my Kayak app and that morning the price of a round trip flight to Havana dropped to $230! So I thought to myself,

“What better time than now to go to Cuba?”

I only had 3 weeks to research and plan my trip and one of those weeks I happened to be on a cruise for my friend’s engagement (too many celebratory cocktails to be planning a trip obvi). The week before my trip, I turned to my fellow travel bloggers hoping to get a good sense of what my “must sees” were for 4 days in Havana and the essential travel tips I needed to know before my trip.

How could I go wrong, right? Yea, no.

There were definitely a few surprises I encountered once I got to Cuba – some pleasant, some anxiety provoking (did someone bring the xanax?!). I’m going to blame it on the fact that I left most of my research until the last minute and that there just aren’t enough blog posts about Cuba out there given that it is still new for Americans to be able to visit. However, it wasn’t until my flight home when I was chatting with the person sitting next to me about all of the things my research had left out, when it came to me..

“Why don’t you just write your own blog post about what you wish you would have known?”

Ergo, I give you the 7 things I wish I had known before visiting Cuba.

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